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123 Learn to Speak agency provides ABA (1:1) services at home or in a child’s community, to help children who are on the Autism spectrum. Our mission is to help/train families and children to become more independent by building your child’s language skills and decrease challenging behavior by teaching appropriate replacement behavior, and adaptive skills. We work with children & young adults aged 0-21, utilizing a service team to implement services. Our therapists are trained and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to implement behavioral methods to improve social tasks.


We provide:


Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Evaluations

Functional Behavioral Assessments 

ABA Therapy

Parent/ Caregiver Training

Behavioral Plan Implementation

Verbal Behavior 


These services are through your commercial insurance companies. Services are also offered during after school hours and weekends. Please inquire to see if your insurance is accepted here.







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